Mentorship Program:

Join our special Mentorship Program made for new traders learning about stocks. We cover everything from the basics to advanced technical analysis. You’ll get easy-to-watch videos explaining these methods. Plus, we have live sessions every week to answer your questions. We’ll teach you a swing trading and a day trading strategy so you can start trading confidently.

Mentorship Program

Comprehensive Learning Journey:

a. Dive into our Mentorship Program, designed specifically for new traders exploring the stock market. b. Cover everything from fundamental concepts to advanced technical analysis, ensuring a well-rounded understanding.

Interactive Learning Experience:

a. Access easy-to-watch videos that break down complex methods into digestible and understandable segments. b. Engage in live sessions every week, providing a dynamic platform to get real-time answers to your queries

Practical Strategies For Confidence:

a. Learn not only theoretical concepts but also gain practical insights. b. Master both swing trading and day trading strategies, empowering you to start trading with confidence.

Traders Helping Tool

Traders Helping Tool:

Introducing the Investstocks Traders Helping Tool, crafted with the aim of simplifying trading decisions. Recognizing the challenges faced by new traders in making confident decisions, we’ve developed this tool to streamline the trading process. Our goal is to provide a straightforward solution for our students, enabling them to navigate the complexities of trading with ease. This tool is designed to simplify the decision-making process, empowering traders to make informed choices and enhance their trading experiences.

Decision Simplification:

The Traders Helping Tool is purposefully designed to simplify the decision-making process for traders, recognizing the challenges faced by new market participants.

Streamlining Trading Process:

Crafted with precision, the tool is geared towards streamlining the overall trading process, making it more accessible and manageable for users.

Empowering Informed Choices:

The primary goal is to empower traders with a straightforward solution, enabling them to make informed choices and enhance their trading experiences.


Discover our exclusive Screener, built upon proprietary stock filtering criteria honed over years of experience. As part of our commitment to our mentorship students, we’re excited to offer access to this powerful tool. This Screener is meticulously designed to enhance the stock selection process, providing a structured approach to identifying potential opportunities in the market. Empowering our students with this invaluable resource is our way of facilitating smarter decision-making and fostering a deeper understanding of effective stock selection strategies.


Proprietary Filtering Criteria:

The Screener is built upon proprietary stock filtering criteria honed over years of experience, ensuring a unique and effective approach to screening.

Exclusive Access For Mentorship Students:

As part of our commitment to mentorship students, exclusive access to the Screener is provided, offering a powerful tool to enhance their stock selection process.

Structured Approach For Market Opportunities:

Meticulously designed, the Screener provides a structured approach for identifying potential opportunities in the market, empowering students with valuable insights for smarter decision-making



Human Insights for Informed Decision-Making

Coming Soon…

Upcoming Human Insights:

Stay tuned for our Advisory services, where we will soon provide human insights tailored for informed decision-making.

Human-Centric Approach:

Our forthcoming Advisory services will adopt a human-centric approach, offering insights that go beyond traditional analytics to aid in decision-making.

Informed Decision-Making:

With Advisory services on the horizon, anticipate a valuable resource for making informed decisions backed by human insights, adding a unique perspective to your trading strategies.

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