Trading is our business and teaching is our passion. We are thrilled to be in a position with extensive knowledge and experience to help people learn how to trade stock like a professional

This is a 6 month program which will not only teach you the techniques of trading in the market but also provides opportunities to earn while learning to trade.

Complete understanding of charts.

  • You will get to learn high probability Breakout, Swing and Contrarian trading setups. These setups can be used for intraday and positional on any asset class.
  • Risk management
  • Money management
  • Trading psychology
  • Portfolio management


Simulated trading program:

In this program we ask you to trade in the live market. In this we will try to understand your trading personality, focus on your strengths and work on your weaknesses.


Once you complete your simulated program successfully you will get to trade in our funds and take a share of profits you make.

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