Board Management Software

Board software helps boards put together meetings, get votes, organize committees and share documents. It also saves the time and money which goes into stamping, assembling and shipping plank packets ahead of every reaching.

Its ease-of-use and fast speed set a great approach to non-technical users. It works with well with SQL to get a unified perspective of a job.

Easily create and customise dashboards, accounts, analyses plus more with moving calculated metrics.

BOARD’s DRONE platform combines planning operations with observe your spending, forecasting and reporting — effectively aligning performance against business goals and strategies. Additionally, it enables managing of the multi-dimensional planning method through work flow, security, audit trail and versioning mechanisms that enhance control and productivity of the complete system.

The software’s visual building environment allows creating sophisticated Technique Maps and Scorecards that blend visual functionality web-site and get link info to effectiveness and desired goals. Its advanced functions of What-if research and Aim Seeking let multi-dimensional simulations that immediately spread the impact of potential events with each level of cumulation, from the largest outline (sales by division) down to the smallest detail (Item Code).

Board’s robust stats capabilities contain out-of-the-box record functions with regards to on-the-fly measurements and common formulas for easy use in accounts, analyses and dashboards. In addition, it provides a versatile tool set to support an array of business styles.

Its multiple deployment options provide flexibility to thousands of customers across a diverse array of industrial sectors and specializations. It utilizes server clustering to serve workloads to a nearly endless number of digital nodes through in-memory control, ensuring full scalability with read and write support.

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