Algorithmic Trading

An algorithm is a specific set of clearly defined instructions aimed to carry out a task or process. And there are instances when a human trader isn’t able to handle enormous numbers of trading, and that’s when you need intervention of an intelligent algorithm.

Algorithmic-trading has many benefits.

  1. Trades are executed at the best possible prices.
  2. Instant and accurate trade order placement
  3. Trades timed correctly and instantly. This avoids significant price changes
  4. Reduced transaction costs due to lack of human intervention
  5. Simultaneous automated checks on multiple market conditions
  6. Reduced risk of manual errors in placing the trades
  7. Reduced possibility of mistakes by human traders based on emotional and psychological factors
  8. The greatest portion of present day algorithmic-trading is high frequency trading (HFT). This trading method attempts to capitalize on placing a large number of orders at very fast speeds, across multiple markets, and multiple decision parameters, based on per-programmed instructions.

Algorithmic Trading With Us

Build your own algorithms, or use off-the -shelf solutions ,to trade CFDs

Rely on advanced technology to combat gaming and reduce signaling

use cutting-edge trading strategies to monitor the order book and manage your execution

Add advanced algorithmic strategies to your trading at no extra cost.

Get expert support 24 hours a day, from 8am Saturday to 10 pm Friday(BST)

Choose differrnt platforms depending on your algorithmic trading prefernces

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