About us

We are InvestStocks

Investstocks is one of the leading financial services company providing financial investment related services and products.

The Organization was founded in 2013 as an objective of offering wealth management, financial planning, education and advisory to the trading community by experienced professionals to create wealth in the stock market.

We have been trading and investing for decades now and knew the pattern of the stock market could be decoded.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a trusted patrner for our clients and respected leaders in stock market

Our Vision

To lead every individual towards financial security

Our Achievement

we have been generating 25-30% consistent returns on YoY basis

Our Team

A Bridge Couldn’t Hold Without Thousands Of Planks Working Hard Together.
Mr. Anil Arvat


Mr. Anil Arvat is a Technical Analyst, Trainer, Trader. He has a rich experience in Trading Indian Stock Market since 2011.

Mr. Ameya Salaskar


He is working as a trainer in Investstocks. He has experience of 12+ year in Stock Market Trading, Investing and Training.

Mr. Shubham Umadi

Quantitative system developer

He is working as a quantitative system developer in Investstocks. He has been practicing python since two years.

Mr. Prakash Mangane

Marketing Head

He is working as a Marketing head in Investstocks. He is expert in Marketing and has a rich experience of more than 8 years.

Our 25 Years Of Operations

50 clients in the world
1000 & more companies stocks invested
5 experts are working

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